What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a plastic material applied using a spray technique, commonly employed for insulating structures and sealing crevices, effectively enhancing a building’s energy efficiency and comfort. Renowned for its exceptional resistance to heat transfer, SPF insulation provides an efficient remedy for minimizing undesired air infiltration through cracks, seams, and joints.

Spray foam contributes to decreased energy expenses by minimizing heat loss or gain, eliminating air leaks, and enhancing overall home energy efficiency. A recent study revealed that residences insulated and air sealed with spray foam can lower energy consumption by as much as 5,638 kWh annually compared to those using alternative insulation methods. This translates to a reduction of 1,556 kg of CO2 emissions per year—equivalent to a 33% decrease in the annual emissions of an average car. Discover more about the positive impact of spray foam on reducing greenhouse gas emissions here.

Open Cell Insulation

Open cell foam insulation expands more rapidly. This creates a much more open, bubble-like structure. This makes open-cell foam insulation more flexible, as well as much lighter. It can insulate places that are harder to reach, like those nooks and crannies.

Closed Cell Insulation

Closed cell SPF products are used to create stronger walls and increase resistance against wind uplift in high wind events. Testing has shown that two inches of closed-cell SPF can provide up to 300 percent increased racking. It also has a higher R-value, so it works well in places with more extreme temperatures. It does not allow water to pass through it.

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Energy Efficient

Spray foam forms a seamless and airtight barrier, reducing heat transfer and minimizing energy loss. This enhanced insulation can result in lower energy bills and increased overall energy efficiency.

Air Sealing

One of the key benefits of spray foam is its ability to seal gaps and cracks effectively. This prevents air infiltration, reducing drafts and creating a more comfortable indoor environment.


Spray foam can be applied to various surfaces and contours, making it suitable for irregularly shaped spaces, attics, crawl spaces, and other hard-to-reach areas.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

By sealing gaps and cracks, spray foam helps prevent the infiltration of outdoor pollutants, contributing to better indoor air quality..

Moisture Resistant

Closed-cell spray foam is impermeable to moisture, acting as an effective moisture barrier. This can help prevent issues such as mold and rot.


Properly installed spray foam insulation can last for the life of the building. It does not sag or settle over time, ensuring consistent performance and insulation efficacy.

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It contributes to energy efficiency by creating a highly effective thermal barrier, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. This decreased energy consumption translates to lower greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller overall environmental footprint.

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Choosing spray foam insulation means making a smart investment in the comfort, efficiency, and durability of your property. Its exceptional insulating properties, air sealing capabilities, and other benefits make it an excellent choice for those looking to improve energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and enhance overall comfort and value in their homes or buildings.